Add QuerySetRow & Query.setRow()


we have QuerySetCell and QueryAddRow, but no QuerySetRow?


with this, and maybe being able to get an array back from

would enable some high performance query manipulation/construction, avoiding column
names matching and simply using column indexes when working with consistently structured
query objects


I, personally, go away from queries when I need to manipulate data. I find it much easier and quicker to manipulate an array of structs and loop (for/each) over the array after manipulation, as needed.

The only exception for me is queryMap(), which I will use for decryption of encrypted database values in a small result set, but otherwise I tend to stay away from query manipulation in favor of an array of structs.

My 2 cents.

– Denny


+1 for using Structs and Arrays instead of Queries when it makes sense.


and what about the actual proposal for those of us who use queries?


QueryAddRow() is already overloaded to take an Array or a Struct as argument.

I’m not sure what is the difference between that and the idea behind setRow()? Is it the ability to specify the row number?

+1 to add a flag to QueryGetRow() to return an Array instead of a Struct.


QueryAddRow() can only add a new row, so QuerySetRow() makes sense if you want to update an existing row rather than calling QuerySetCell() over and over :slight_smile:


yep, that’s exactly what lead me to to propose this

@isapir yeah, basically just the ability to set the row number


You can open a ticket for it in JIRA. IMO it’s a valid proposal but it will have to be approved before we implement it.


ticket is here