Accessing file from relative path

Hi All,
I am new to lucee and trying to move from CF. I am doing POC on couple of functionalities.

Currently I am looking into cfpdf merge. I have removed < from below code so that post can show the code.

cfpdf action=“merge” name=“mergedPdf”>
cfpdfparam source = “newHtml” pages=“1”>
cfpdfparam source = #existingPdf#>

in above code, existing pdf variable is hardcoded as “\\server01\abc\pdffolder\xyz.pdf”

the above code is working fine in coldfusion. The path is accessible where lucee is installed but when I am running the code then it is not working and throwing below error.

file or directory [//server01/abc/pdffolder/xyz.pdf] does not exist.

Can someone help me in fixing the issue above?

Does the user that Lucee is running as have permissions to the file / path though?

yes. Lucee user has access to the path. (sorry wrong assumption)

I am calling the page through postman and I have access to that path. Can you please tell me how to check under which user lucee is running.

I am running lucee on windows.

You can find the user running Lucee in the windows services gui. There, find and select the Lucee/Tomcats service and go trough the tabs.

It’s very likely it is running with “local service”. Just like Adam noted, the soure and destination paths/files need to have permissions set for that user. Basically its the same as shown here in the video guide, with the difference you need to afd the permissions to the PDF directories/files.