Accepting index.php as default in some directories?

Hi, I’m set up with Apache/Tomcat/Lucee 5, and am trying to figure out how
to get some of my directories to accept index.php as a default.

I have tried:

  • putting index.php ahead of index.cfm in dir.conf
  • putting index.php in in opt/lucee/tomcat/conf/web.xml
  • Creating a .htaccess in the directory I want to achieve this in with
    “DirectoryIndex index.php”

In all cases all is well as long as I do …/index.php, but I can’t get it
to accept index.php as the directoryindex page.

Any ideas?

Did you restart Apache after your changes?

Have you tried playing around with
<Directory /myapp>
DirectoryIndex index.php

in httpd.conf ?

Sorry, I can’t remember if it’s

<Directory “/myapp”> with double quotes - maybe it doesn’t matter