About the release category

Lucee Server sprint planning, release notes and product team updates.

Our goal is to ship 10 releases of Lucee a year; “a mostly monthly” schedule. This gives us time for things like conferences/road shows, holidays/vacations, along with padding for the normal vagaries of software development.

Releases aim to ship at the end of each month. We will publish a brief retrospective to discuss the release, how the sprint went, etc.

In the interests of full disclosure, here are some details about how we’re selecting tickets for the monthly sprints/releases:

  • Regressions and security remediations are always a top priority.
  • Upvoting and the amount of commenting activity are important indicators to us, too. The more of this activity we see, the more likely those tickets are to be chosen for sprints sooner rather than later.
  • Priority relative to the Lucee product road map. Releases will include features (new and/or enhanced) as well as bug fixes, so when tickets relate to features from the product roadmap that we think it’s a good time to implement, we’ll add those to the monthly sprints.
  • “Gut feel,” internal LAS discussion/debate, sponsored fixes/features, (paid for by interested parties), etc. This is a “bucket” of other considerations that may influence choosing tickets for sprints as well.

As always, we want as much interaction with the CFML community as is humanly possible. This forum category will be the place to discuss Lucee sprint planning, sprints, releases, and any related topics.

Please continue to vote and comment on individual tickets in the Lucee’s JIRA instance.


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