About the proposals category

Topics in the “proposal” category are intended to be a ​focused​ place for gathering a critique on a specific idea. Generally speaking, they will be calling for detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the proposed approach. At the end of the discussion, we should be aiming to have a well developed and defined proposal backed by community input and opinion.

With that in mind, please try to provide concise feedback against the following headings:

  1. What you like about the idea / why you think its good
  2. What you dislike about the idea / what concerns you have
  3. Any ideas that might improve upon the things you dislike / mitigate your concerns
  4. A gut feeling on whether or not you think the idea should be implemented (if after reading other analysis of the idea you change your mind, feel free to edit your post)

An example response might be (your responses may well of course be more involved than this):

What I like: Concise, and full of instructive meaning at first glance.
What I don’t like: Potential for conflict with future ACF implementations
Ideas for improvement: Only implement in the Lucee dialect
Gut feeling: Yes, let’s do it!

Finally, these are just guidelines; the formatting of your response does not need to strictly adhere to the above format. Most importantly, please keep critique constructive and free from any personal attack.