About the ideas category

Topics in the “ideas” category are intended to be a ​focused​ place for gathering ideas on a narrow topic. Generally speaking, they will be calling for opinions and ideas about the best way that Lucee should go about achieving some goal.

With that in mind, here are a few guidelines that you should consider before posting in such a topic:

Please try to:

  • Provide distinct ideas. We want to hear from you and all ideas are welcome
  • Further develop existing ideas where you have something to add
  • Request more information from participants where you feel that they may have more to give, or where you do not understand what is being said
  • Click on the heart button where you agree/like a particular input (rather than replying with “+1” or “I agree”, etc.). However, if you do not have sufficient discourse reputation in order to “heart” something, or you need to add support to a particular section of a post, please feel free to comment instead.

Please refrain from:

  • Providing a negative critique of ideas. e.g. “I don’t like idea X”, or “idea y sucks”; this includes critiquing your own ideas! It ​is​ important that problems with ideas be discussed, but this can happen ​later​. Ideas with community support will lead to topics being created in the proposals category where a detailed critique can be had.

  • Repeat ideas that have already been made.