7.2.2.jre8 default on standard installer for windows

Standard installer on a Server 2019 box, Lucee 11.0.18/Tomcat/9.0.71 default JDBC is 7.2.2.jre8. There a reason none of the following were used?


Is there any reason why the above aren’t part of the install, except 12.2.0.jre11 which came out after Lucee .120?


I’ll add, has anyone run into any issues with updating the JDBC that matches the java version installed?

This may be related to the problems I have encountered trying to use the latest drivers for MSSQL:

Whilst I can create a connection via a coded DSN, I cannot via the admin interface. I also could not figure out how to edit the extension to include additional fields to either keep step with the drivers or to allow a connection string to be added like ACF does.

Thanks @martin, yes, looks to be very much related. Thanks for linking it on over. Wonder if this is a request we could submit? Seems giving a connection string field would be the way to go/track along with ACF.

As far as I can tell, this is the repository for the MSSQL extension:

However, I cannot see the most recent versions here.