500 Error The name [esapiEncode] is already used by a built in Function


I recently updated my version of Lucee from to Everything went well until another update was done to the web server.

After the web server update the website went down and the following error message we

500 Error

The name [esapiEncode] is already used by a built in Function



lucee.runtime.exp.TemplateException: The name [esapiEncode] is already used by a built in Function at lucee.transformer.cfml.evaluator.impl.Function.checkFunctionName(Function.java:173) at lucee.transformer.cfml.evaluator.impl.Function.evaluate(Function.java:81) at lucee.transformer.cfml.evaluator.EvaluatorPool.run(EvaluatorPool.java:79) at lucee.transformer.cfml.tag.CFMLTransformer.transform(CFMLTransformer.java:356) at lucee.transformer.cfml.tag.CFMLTransformer.transform(CFMLTransformer.java:320) at lucee.transformer.cfml.tag.CFMLTransformer.transform(CFMLTransformer.java:176)

Working with Mura CMS.

Please let me know if the full stack is needed.

Thank you.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: ???
Java Version: ???
Tomcat Version: ???
Lucee Version: ???

which version of Mura CMS are you running?

We had the same problem and ‘solved’ it by downgrade the OWASP Esapi Extension to version

@Zen49 Lucee already has a BIF like ESAPIDecode(). ESAPIDecode() :: Lucee Documentation and ESAPIDecode() comes from the ESAPI extension

That’s why it throws the error “The name [esapiEncode] is already used by a built in Function”.

So can you change your UDF name or uninstall the ESAPI extension in admin, this will solve your issue