breaks FLOAT values

I tried using today, and my whole site went to crap with long decimals after all my FLOAT() numbers pulled from MySQL.

This test:

<cfquery name="test2" datasource="wx2">
	select cast(17.8 as float(9))

Returns: 17.7999992.

My queries to MySQL 8.0 with columns FLOAT(5,2) are returning these long multi-decimal responses in the query object, itself, when examined with <cfdump var="#myquery#">.

This appears to be related to LDEV-4827. I would have replied to the thread on the Atlassian thing, but I can’t seem to create an account there.

Of note: I am using the MySQL 8.1.0 extension and getting this behavior, so it’s not isolated to the MSSQL extension, I think.

This was posted last week: