5.3.9 RC1 feedback (RC2 on Friday)

Hey everyone, is close to RC2, so if you are doing any testing, use that over

Just wanna gauge how many people have tried 5.3.9 RC1 out

  • Not yet
  • Tested, all good
  • I’ve even tested
  • Waiting for RC2
  • Everyone else can test
  • I’ll test the stable release
  • I’m so Agile, I’ll test in production

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Where is the :“tested, but there are still issues” option? :wink:

It’s mostly OK, but this is the remaining ticket that’s a blocker for me:


Basically, it’s breaking any usage of CommandBox that will blow up with additional console output. When I run this command, for example

box package show dependencies

I expect (and need) only this output which should be valid JSON


But due to Lucee’s invalid Log4j OSGI bundle, I get this output, which makes the JSON invalid:

WARNING: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass is not supported. This will impact performance.

So if someone is wanting to call a box command and get JSON back, they can no longer do this.

I reckon we can address that :slight_smile:

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