5.3.10 RC1 coming up soon

Heaps up, anyone feeling like doing some pre RC testing on, now’s your chance.

BTW anyone running any 5.3.10 on prod yet?

changes are here, a lot of stuff was also backported into the 5.3.9 branch

Main improvements

  • CFconfig.json import (including via env vars)
  • Precise maths
  • lots of minor logging changes (most of the changes TBH)
  • performance fixes for this.javasettings
  • cfmail debug=true
  • updated compress, pdf, esapi and image extensions

Tickets so far

LDEV-1513 - Dumping getComponentStaticScope() of component with remote static function causes java.lang.NullPointerException
LDEV-3028 - “The servlet context has already been initialized” error in Application.log of Undertow deployments
LDEV-3032 - installing or removing an extension via the admin doesn’t log to deploy.log
LDEV-3224 - Admin area : Edit Web charset in Settings - Charset and default value
LDEV-3469 - updateDatasource should also support passing in a custom attributes struct
LDEV-3533 - REFind/NoCase(returnsubexpressions=true) doesn’t return subexpressions when regex engine set to Java.
LDEV-3584 - getComponentMetadata with final component throws an error
LDEV-3680 - race condition in getRPCClassLoader
LDEV-3690 - Using java regex engine incompatibility issue
LDEV-3703 - reMatchNoCase() regex regression in 5.3.8
LDEV-3710 - Controler thread doesn’t log all failures
LDEV-3754 - debug attribute not supported on CFMail tag
LDEV-3917 - _internalRequest() result missing Content-Type and Content-Length
LDEV-3936 - add a clear cache button to the edit cache page in the admin
LDEV-3937 - Impossible to debug extension provider issues from admin UI
LDEV-3938 - When there is one invalid extension provider, no info shows for ANY providers
LDEV-3948 - Improve the message for output the component with debug enabled
LDEV-3975 - ESAPI functions result in “CTOR threw exception” error with extension
LDEV-3978 - regression: Cflog stops writing to files
LDEV-3979 - Regression: Custom cookie parsing now used over servlet’s cookies
LDEV-3980 - jdbc commit issues using transactions and hibernate
LDEV-4000 - Scheduled Tasks require a minimum interval of 10 for no reason
LDEV-4004 - Regression - For in loop inside the queryEach callback are not thread safe
LDEV-4006 - Regression - isJson() throws java.lang.NumberFormatException
LDEV-4011 - CFHTTP add more detail to exception for throwOnError=true
LDEV-4012 - support component skip=true for 5.3 testcases
LDEV-4034 - Regression - application log datasource appender throws 500 – Internal Server Error on lucee restart
LDEV-4035 - Log4j2 resets log level to ERROR
LDEV-4046 - Server.cfc/Web.cfc calls Application.cfc
LDEV-4064 - createObject reloads all OSGI bundles if javaSettings are configured
LDEV-4091 - Datadog log appender
LDEV-4101 - Encrypt issue using Base64, invalid character [=] in base64 string at position
LDEV-4103 - DeserializeJSON Corrupts Large Numbers
LDEV-4104 - lucee Local Documentation Member Chaining Member functions shows a wrong return type
LDEV-4112 - admin, setting.logging page should show other (layout name) if the specified logging layout cfc isn’t available
LDEV-4124 - allow config directories for tag, functions and file-system to be configurable
LDEV-4135 - NPE lucee.runtime.net.http.ReqRspUtil.getCookies(ReqRspUtil.java:144)
LDEV-4158 - IOException occurs when search for propriate codecs.
LDEV-4162 - NPE in CFMLFactoryImpl.getPageContextImpl
LDEV-4176 - arraySet member function throws misleading error message