5.3.10 : http call errors

We’re in the process of testing our Docker images (all based on lucee/lucee: and have hit a snag where

req = createObject('http');

errors with

StackTrace string lucee.runtime.exp.NativeException: java.lang.NullPointerException
	at lucee.commons.io.res.ResourcesImpl.getResource(ResourcesImpl.java:163)
	at lucee.runtime.config.ConfigImpl.getResource(ConfigImpl.java:2300)
	at lucee.runtime.functions.system.CallStackGet.abs(CallStackGet.java:174)
	at lucee.runtime.functions.system.CallStackGet._getTagContext(CallStackGet.java:159)
	at lucee.runtime.functions.system.CallStackGet.call(CallStackGet.java:56)
	at lucee.runtime.functions.system.CallStackGet.call(CallStackGet.java:69)
	at lucee.runtime.functions.system.CallStackGet.call(CallStackGet.java:61)
	at lucee.runtime.tag.Http.logHttpRequest(Http.java:1644)
	at lucee.runtime.tag.Http._doEndTag(Http.java:1339)
	at lucee.runtime.tag.Http.doEndTag(Http.java:696)
	at org.lucee.cfml.helperbase_cfc$cf$g.udfCall1(/org/lucee/cfml/HelperBase.cfc:143)
	at org.lucee.cfml.helperbase_cfc$cf$g.udfCall(/org/lucee/cfml/HelperBase.cfc)

I am fairly sure this must be a setting or file missing from this particular application, as the code runs fine in less modified containers.

Anyone have any ideas what the missing part might be ?

Disabling the trace log with

sed -i 's!<logger appender="resource" appender-arguments="path:{lucee-config}/logs/trace.log" layout="classic" name="trace"/>!!' /opt/lucee/server/lucee-server/context/lucee-server.xml

seems to fix this.

Is this log file new since earlier 5.3/5.2 ?

@thefalken I checked this issue with the lucee version 5.3.10.x and didn’t able to replicate the issue. I think this NullPointerException on CallStackGet().abs() was seems to be fixed in lucee 6

@thefalken I’ve created a ticket for this issue and added a PR for lucee 5.3.

Thanks !

We actually make a lot of internal HTTP calls to an air gapped API in a few of our products, and would be worried about any performance impact, or what information was in those logs, when writing details of each to a log, so will probably keep it off anyway.

It’s probably a different point if trace level logs should be logged anywhere, by default… feels like it would be a lot ?

There is also a project called CF_curl, which is coldfusions implementation of the curl binary. Curl is very much like a headless browser.

Doesn’t really fit our use case to use a limited wrapper around the standard curl binary :slight_smile:

@thefalken Now the NullPointerException on CallStackGet().abs() issue is fixed in lucee versions & So please check the issue in this version and let us know

@thefalken Any update on this issue? and do you please check on this issue with lucee fixed version and update here? It helpful to improve the status of this issue

I need to undo the fix we put in and redeploy to our shared dev cluster; sorry it’s taking a while.


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