I don’t see the Linux 64b installer on the releases page. Can someone please post the link?

It is now available as an image on Docker Hub but not the Lucee.org site.





Im not sure if is officially released yet, because i also cant update my server ( to


Just download the .lco file from http://download.lucee.org/?type=releases, put it in the installation root lucee-server/patches directory and restart.


Yes thats correct, but i cant update via the lucee-admin. There is the version not available.


Our deployment scripts assume a fresh install from the CDN, using the ICO file does not fit into our CI/CD pipeline.



Sure, but it’s there as an option and it’s what the admin updater uses to up/down-grade.


I appreciate your input, but it doesn’t negate the necessity of having an installer available.



I believe the version has been “soft released” in some places but is not 100% finalized with things like installers which are built by Jordan, which is why you haven’t seen any official posts here about being officially released. Just be patient and when all the pieces are in place, we’ll announce it :slight_smile:


Thanks Brad, I guess I just assumed since it was on the release page it was ready. I appreciate all the efforts that go into this process.


No worries. The release page is updated automatically as soon as Micha pushes his commits so there’s not an easy way to make something not show up there and it’s usually not that big of a deal so we sort of just let all of the pieces come together as they’re done (even the installer link is dynamic and shows up automatically once it’s been placed in S3). Then once we have it all in place, we announce.


@Seth_Johnson - The installer is now available from the downloads page. :slight_smile: