4.5, 5.0 and 5.1 Stable Releases now available

Today (17 November 2016) the Lucee Association Switzerland is pleased to announce three new stable releases of Lucee Server. You can download installers to install these new versions, or update existing installations to them via the Lucee admin updater.



This is the most current version of the Lucee platform and contains many improvements including Adobe ColdFusion 2016 compatibility.

New Configuration

These new configurations are possible with Lucee 5.1 via your Application.cfc file.

// Declare a named cache connection

// Declare a mail server

// search scope implicitly.
// Alias for this.scopeCascade

Environment Variables

You can set this new environment variable on your server before starting Lucee to preserve case of dot notation variables keys. This sort of config option is very handy for automated deploys like Docker :whale:


Language Features

Here is a list of new and extended language features added:

  • Support for safe navigation operator
    var name = employee ?. name;
  • literal ordered struct
    var myStruct = [ Susi : ‘sorglos’ ];
  • add support for a lot of new member functions
  • make function createDateTime more flexible
  • new argument for function ArrayNew
  • new pattern support for function DateFormat
  • new pattern support for function TimeFormat
  • new argument for function QueryMap
  • new pattern support for function QuerySort
  • new attribute filename with the tag cfmailparam
  • new attribute encodefor with the tag cfoutput
  • new argument for function Replace
  • new argument for function ValueArray
  • new argument encodeFor for function WriteOutput
  • new function ArrayDeleteNoCase
  • new function BooleanFormat (alias for function TrueFalseFormat)
  • new function DecodeForHTML
  • new function floor
  • new function QueryKeyExists (alias for function QueryColumnExists)
  • new function ReplaceListNoCase


This is a patch update to the 5.0 branch that contains bug fixes. We recommend Lucee 5 users upgrade to the 5.1 release above, but you may upgrade to this if you are not ready for the stable 5.1 release


This is a patch release to the 4.5 branch that contains bug fixes. The 4.5 branch will only receive bug fixes and security fixes from now on. We recommend all users begin moving their apps to Lucee 5.

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