2019-June I Love Lucee

Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!

As always I love Lucee is a quick review of Lucee and CFML happenings in general!

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Adding Coldbox MVC framework to your project

Starting out with adding ColdBox MVC framework to your project? Than have a look at these templates to get you started https://github.com/coldbox-templates. Or take the 60 minute quick start:


Fixinator to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your CFML code

Have a legacy codebase you want to fix, or want to add a code checker to your CI pipeline? Than the Fixanator tool is something to look at.


Popularity of Coldfusion

Blog post about the popularity of Coldfusion and why you should not care

FusionReactor and Your ColdFusion Queries

Debug your slow databases queries in your cfml project with FusionReactor


h/t @rodionbykov

TIL: Compound Assignment Operators in CFML (+= and more)

Okay, so this is slightly embarrassing, in that I’m writing about a “feature” that was added in ColdFusion 8… so, over 11 years ago. I’m talking about the compound assignment operators: += , -= , *= , /= , and %= .


h/t @mjclemente

@Zackster hmm… that’s pretty interesting little tidbit I wasn’t aware of either… think i might have to throw it into some code today :slight_smile:

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A Quick Example Of Functional Programming (FP) In CFML

I was adding a feature to CommandBox CLI this week when I typed up some code that iterated over the keys in a struct, filtering out the ones it needed and then performed an action on the matching ones. I used the functional methods structFilter() and structEach() in CFML. They are an example of functional programming as they accept functions as input. This also means we can call them "higher order functions. But termininology aside, I typed up the same code using an older interactive approach just to compare the two. It was an interesting and rather self contained example so I thought I’d share it as a real life use case for FP (functional programming).

    .filter( ( k, v ) => k != 'scriptName' )
    .each( ( k, v ) => systemSettings.setSystemSetting( k, v ) );

h/t @bdw429s for sweet FP :lollipop:

So much CFML goodness this month. Could there be a renaissance in CFML blogging?

Let’s hope it continues through July!

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