2018-May I Love Lucee


Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!
As always I love Lucee is a quick review of Lucee and CFML happenings in general!


Number of Lucee users are increasing !


This week’s tutorial video is on externalizing strings to save memory. This feature is not available in ACF. It was first introduced to Lucee in version released in Feb 2016.

All bytecode built based on your CFML code holds all the strings in your CFML code.
That can be a lot and all ends up in the memory of your JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
To reduce that memory, Lucee is able to externalize strings used in your generated bytecode, so it does not end in your bytecode.


Tidied up this great little overview on JVM tweaking and tuning from the archives.


This week’s tutorial is on Startup Listeners:

Startup listeners are components called on startup of Lucee.


This video covers the latest Lucee Beta 5.3 and all of its new features.