2018-January I Love Lucee

Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!

PS. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be a pretty good year :wink:

MongoDB Extension for Lucee Server

This extension provides Lucee Server with functions for managing connections to MongoDB (using the underlying Java MongoDB driver) and takes care of converting data types from Lucee to Java and vice versa. It is designed to provide MongoDB shell-like dialect directly in Lucee code.

Just updated to 3.6.1!

CFML Language Support for Visual Studio Code

Awesome news for VSCODE fans โ€“ vscode-coldfusion hits version v1+

@ilich awesome work based on the marvellous @jcberquist sublimetext-cfml package


@pfreitag documentation site is looking great these days; https://cfdocs.org/

With a bit of elbow grease :muscle: in 2018 weโ€™ll give the http://docs.lucee.org/ a much needed tune up :musical_note:

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Happy New Year Everyone! When you get a chance, check out the new video on time zones on e the Lucee youTube chanel:

Check out the latest Lucee video on the SystemOutput function:

Happy New Year.I have started lucee exploration in Linux :slight_smile:

Hereโ€™s the latest Lucee tutorial on encryption/decryption with public and private keys:

The latest Lucee video tutorial on output exceptions is here: