2018 - August I Love Lucee

Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!


As always I love Lucee is a quick review of Lucee and CFML happenings in general!


This video shows you how you can use the tag retry in Lucee.


Using AWS Rekognition In CFML

h/t https://twitter.com/brian_klaas

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Using PDFBox with ColdFusion

This post started as an investigation of how best to extract text from a PDF; it then turned into an exploration of PDFBox, lead me down the rabbit hole of PDF sanitization, and ultimately resulted in developing pdfbox.cfc.

h/t @mjclemente


The new website at https://lucee.org is live!

We still have plans to add a few additional features, but phase 1 looks great! A huge THANK YOU to Inge Haverkamp of Toomba and Dom Watson of Pixl8 for all of their dedication and time on this project!


h/t @Jamo

Improving the world… one typo at a time…

h/t @markdrew


I think I might have mentioned this before, but the CFML track looking great these days:

They’re looking for students and mentors alike if you have a bit of spare time on your hands :open_hands:

Another wonderful contribution to CFML from Brad Wood @bdw429s


h/t @bdw429s

A couple more updates on this great series for AWS Rekognition:

h/t https://twitter.com/brian_klaas


Check out the latest Lucee tutorial on query return types:

This Video shows how you can use the different possible return types of the tag cfquery, next to “query” (resultset) the tag also supports “array” and “struct” as return types.

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Debt Decimator would not exist without Lucee.

Building web applications is getting easier every day. Yet with all the various options available, this open-source CFML engine was hard to ignore. And, much to the chagrin of CF’s critics, the reports of its <CFDEMISE> have been greatly exaggerated.

h/t https://twitter.com/DebtDecimator


CF Camp Tickets are now available!


Love hearing Lucee success stories! Makes me want to write up a few of our own greenfield projects that are built on Lucee for many of the same reasons.

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This one is definitely my favourite… and I had no idea:

Always seem to be converting queries into structs. Will have to start working with this straight away!

Please do write up your success stories! We’ll feature them in the newsletter! :slight_smile: