2017-September I Love Lucee

Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!

Busy month… so many releases, so many things going on behind the scenes, CFCAMP coming up…

Why Is Lucee So Much Better At Handling JSON?

There was a Twitter conversation today where Ben Nadel mentioned that one of the continuing issues with ColdFusion was bad JSON support. I assume by that, he’s referring to CF’s tendency to change the datatype of variables while serializing them. I mentioned that Lucee Server has much better support for this and I’d like to show very quickly why this is.


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Configuring your Containers with CommandBox & CFConfig

Another h/t @bdw429s

ColdFusion on Exercism


Exercism is many things: An experiment. A bunch of interesting people. Chaotic. An open source project.

ColdFusion joins the open source code learning platform Exercism. Learn more CFML and/or teach others; looks like a worthy cause :slight_smile:

Yet another h/t @bdw429s :tada:

Lucee Spreadsheet updated to POI 3.17

Standalone library for creating and working with spreadsheets in Lucee (formerly Railo)

Get it on GitHub :slight_smile:

h/t @Julian_Halliwell

CFML Secrets with Patrick Quinn (AWS, Lucee and SeeFusion)

Patrick Quinn talks about “CFML Secrets (AWS, Lucee and SeeFusion” in this episode of ColdFusion Alive podcast with host Michael Smith. He is the CoFounder, CEO and CTO of Webapper and Global Product manager at LAS.

“We think doing more of what we’ve been doing would be the best way to make CFML a more “alive” community. For Webapper’s part, we’ve updated our offerings to include Amazon cloud hosting, released 3 new versions of our SeeFusion product in the past year (including with AWS integrations), and, most importantly, we’ve put our financial and technical backing behind Lucee, the F/OSS CFML platform. In our opinion, Lucee is the most exciting and energetic force in the CFML world. We think it’s the future of CFML, and we’re excited to watch it grow, and to be a part of that growth with our Lucee-centered products and services.”
Patrick Quinn (aka @IamSigmund)

h/t https://twitter.com/teratechcf

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ACF Roadmap 2018

Huzzah! :raised_hands:

Adobe CF gets an official Docker image… soon :whale:


Buy ColdFusion Enterprise Edition for A$13,088.90 incl. GST

PPS. Lucee still offers their iron-clad money-back guarantee :ice_cream:

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Heh, yeah, it sort of turned into the Lucee Evangelism Hour, but I don’t mind that. :slight_smile: