2017-November I Love Lucee

Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!


ColdFusion Tuning Guide


The goal of this guide is to provide professional advice on architecting your ColdFusion environment for high availability with optimal throughput and performance for your unique applications. This guide endeavors serve as a starting point for your tuning and security efforts. It attempts to explain the reasons behind certain settings and configurations to help you make a more informed decision for your needs. It is targeted at Adobe ColdFusion 2016 installations, however much of the advice will apply to versions 9 and later.

There’s still a few of us who work across several CFML engines… :wink: A great ACF resource; many of the principals will apply to the Lucee world.


Lucee + Google Analytics Reporting API v4 using API Client Library for Java

For one of my Lucee CFML projects I needed to programmatically access Google Analytics reporting data and display it on web page. Lucee runs on Java and the Google Analytics API v4 has a Java library (SDK) so I knew it was possible. It turned out to be more invovled than I expected but I was able to grind it out.

Happy coding indeed :slight_smile:

h/t @August_Kleimo

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This entire subsite is based off of the amazing https://forthebadge.com/. The original project was forked, revised and altered to create CFML-specific badges, whilst including some of their original badges. All credit for the original work must (MUST, I say) go to the folks at https://braveux.com/.

h/t https://twitter.com/coldfumonkeh of https://www.monkehworks.com