2017-May I Love Lucee

Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!

PS. what a fork!

Convert cftags to cfscript magically; built by @pfreitag at Foundeo Inc.


Spreadsheet Magic :tophat:

Missing <cfspreadsheet>? There are a few choices :slight_smile:

CF_Alive Podcast IntoTheBox Chat with Gert Franz

i started from java and delphi… when i first saw it i didn’t like it al… but it grew on me… a very modern language, high performance and i love it

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Lucee Server Book

Welcome to Lucee, a dynamic scripting language for building web applications, APIs and microservices. This Book will help you get started building applications with Lucee.

Or great straight into it here: https://rorylaitila.gitbooks.io/lucee/content/

h/t @Rory_Laitila at https://github.com/roryl

Lucee Memcached Session Clustering

Lucee Websockets - Getting Started

In this video I show how to get started with the Lucee WebSockets Extension.

h/t @21Solutions

Looks like the WIKI for the project is coming along nicely :slight_smile:

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