2017-March Loving Lucee

Seen something interesting in the Lucee or CFML community this month? Post it here!

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Why writing CLI scripts in CommandBox is better than Node

@bdw429s expounds on the ways he thinks CommandBox is better than npm at creating CLI tools.

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localhostfm developer podcast

@markdrew has kicked off his new Developer Podcast with a sortie on Docker featuring none other than ColdFusion stalwarts Mark Mandel and Geoff Bowers (@modius). While the focus is Docker, you can be assured all of it applies to Lucee development and deployment pipelines :slight_smile:

The opener.

Bowers branch.

Mandel branch.

h/t @markdrew soundcloud channel https://soundcloud.com/localhostfm


WTF is the WEB-INF in Lucee?

In this video I examine what is in the odd WEB-INF folder that appears in each lucee website and what we can do with it.

h/t @markdrew channel https://www.youtube.com/user/markdrew

What are Lucee Contexts

In this video I delve into what the whole idea of contexts are in Lucee. It’s a basic feature that is extremely powerful in isolating each application from each other on one server

h/t @markdrew channel https://www.youtube.com/user/markdrew

Server side debugging in Lucee

In this video I show how you can debug a request in Lucee on the server side, with and without debug output.

h/t @markdrew channel https://www.youtube.com/user/markdrew

MuraCon 2017 Conference in Review

MuraCon 2017 roundup…

Setting a record for attendance, MuraCon 2017 was focused on experiences - those of the Mura user and developer, and of the digital community at large - with a power-packed roster of presentations from industry-leading experts and prominent Mura CMS community members.

RabbitMQ Messaging Polyglot

An oldy but a goody… Sweet :lollipop: demo hooking up a number of consumers to RabbitMQ:

  • ColdFusion : Running a consumer via CFML asynchronously
  • Groovy : Running via Groovy
  • Java : Running via two Java consumers
  • Node : Running using SockJS and node
  • Stomp JS : Running via only SockJS and communicating to RabbitMQ via STOMP

h/t @lmajano

Lucee Web Socket Extension

How to install and use the Lucee WebSocket Extension beta.

Support for WebSockets to Lucee via JSR-356 compliant servlet containers:

h/t @21Solutions

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Update to the WebSocket Extension coming soon :slight_smile:

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Mail and Tasks in Lucee

In this video I show how to debug emails that are sent from Lucee and uncover some awesome other features

h/t @markdrew


h/t @Michael_Sprague https://twitter.com/spraguey/

h/t @Michael_Sprague https://twitter.com/spraguey/

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Working with Lucee/ColdFusion and the AWS Java SDK


Over the past couple of months, I have been working on a portal for our Amazon Web Services Customers. It has been quite an experience and I have learned a ton of new things about the ins and outs and inner workings of AWS. Although I am an Associate Certified AWS Solutions Architect, studying the documentation and working with the AWS console doesn’t reveal some of the underlying features or requirements of their systems.

h/t @mstevanus https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattstevanus/