2017-June I Love Lucee

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Recordings for nearly a dozen recent FusionReactor webinars I’ve done

I’ve been doing a series of one-hour webinars about FusionReactor over the past several months. They’ve covered nearly a dozen different topics (all with live demos), with more to come, including one just last week, “Making the Most of FusionReactor’s Logs”.


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ColdBox fork of Whoops debugging

Blatantly copied from https://filp.github.io/whoops/ by

Available on Github here:

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Slack Messages from CommandBox



On Forgebox here:

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What’s Your ColdFusion Future?

Lately, we have had an influx of calls from ColdFusion shops who are still using ColdFusion 9 in their production environments. My first (internal) reaction is “What?” and then “Why?” The support for that version of ColdFusion was stopped at the end of 2014 and paid support was stopped at the end of 2016.


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Locking Down Lucee Admin

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Migrating From ACF to Lucee

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Looking for CF people, or CF work? What can you do?

I’m often asked by clients or folks in the community about whether I know anyone who could do some CF development work–or how they can find someone, and I’m as often asked by developers whether I know of any gigs or how they can find them. I do have a pretty standard answer, and it’s not what I think most would expect to hear in reply.


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