2017-August I Love Lucee

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The Conversion

Terry Beard is putting together an epic conversion journal on modernising his CFML apps. He hasn’t made it all the way from ACF to Lucee yet but who knows! Quite a few posts already – here’s hoping he can keep up the momentum.

h/t https://twitter.com/snackboy

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I left a comment on his last post. Thanks for the link!

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Thanks! I hope I can see through this project too as it’s my first concerted effort blogging. Hope you find the blog posts helpful. Cheers!

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Modern ColdFusion (CFML) in 100 Minutes

Luis Majano (@lmajano) and the Ortus Team are revamping the CFML in 100mins and Learn CF materials into a modern resource.

This book is inspired by the original Ruby in 100 minutes, Mike Henke’s work on CFML in 100 minutes and Learn CF in a week series. The purpose of this book is to jumpstart developers into the ColdFusion (CFML) programming language from a modern perspective and a focus on best practices, object orientation and tooling.

PS. Great news since we just hired a couple of new developers we’re converting to CFML :slight_smile:

PPS. Not to forget @Rory_Laitila ongoing efforts at

What it’s like switching from ColdFusion to C#

I like to be the smartest person in a room. I’ve perfected my expertise in CF development over the past 19 years, and I’m really good at it, but with technology marching on, I’ve found myself switching to C# .NET and Windows UWP app development. To say the least, things are different!


h/t https://twitter.com/nathanstrutz

NC DevCon

The NCDevCon Conference is held annually on the Centennial Campus of NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and covers a wide variety of web development and design topics including Web / HTML5 / CSS, Mobile, Javascript / jQuery and ColdFusion.
When: October 7-8, 2017


Looks like NC DevCon is shaping up nicely…

C# is “Java that ties you to the Windows OS”, so I personally don’t see the benefit in choosing it over any technology nowadays.

If anything, then JSP is the Java “answer” to ASP.NET, just that Java of course has a plethora of 3rd party libraries, many of which are FOSS. I write “answer” in “quotes” because JSP predates ASP.NET by a few years, so the “answer” was given before the “question” was even asked, making me wonder why the “question” was asked in the first place.

Incidentally, Lucee is a JSP Servlet, so it allows you to do anything that JSP does, but with rapid development.

I realize that there are valid questions and sometimes even valid reasons to look for other, competing, technologies. But every time I have done that (and I have), I ended up at the same conclusion that Lucee (and before it, Railo), is the best platform for web development.

Final thoughts are summarized in the following preview (Rated R):