2 factor login not working


Hi, I am trying to set up 2 factor login for the lucee dev website but keep getting the message “Invalid authentication code. Each code can only be used once.” I am using Google Authenticator. Maybe something with different timezones?


Does your app have a “Time correction for codes” option in its settings?


Yes, seems in sync, tried again, same error…


Unfortunately, we don’t control the MFA on the Discourse side… its an internal Discourse thing. I’ve upgraded the entire forum earlier today. It’s possible this might make a difference :crossed_fingers:


Thanks, don’t know what the problem is, tried Edge instead of Chrome, tried manual code instead of scanner, so for now no luck!

Anyone else had problems with 2FA? Or idea’s? This is what I checked:

  • PC/Mobile same time
  • Tried with Chrome/Edge
  • Tried code scan and manually
  • Time correction is not needed, says it’s synced