writeDump and writeLog stop working after first invocation

Hi. I’m writing a component in Lucee to implement the Websocket Listener API. writeDump and writeLog inside the component cfc only works the first time.

For example, an excerpt:

function onHandshake(endpointConfig, request, response, sessionScope, applicationScope){
		var rh = arguments.request.getHeaders();
		writeDump(var = "#rh#", output = "console", label="request headers DUMP:");

function onOpen(websocket, endpointConfig, sessionScope, applicationScope){
		writeLog(text="new client connected");
		//writeDump(var="#Variables#", output="console", label="Variables DUMP:");
		//writeDump(var=arguments.websocket, output="console", label="arguments.websocket DUMP:");
		var sessionscope = arguments.sessionScope;
		Dump(var=sessionscope, output="console", label="sessionScope DUMP:")

		try {

		} catch (any e) {
			WriteLog(exception="Error: " & e.message, type="error");
			return false;

Only the first writeDump(var = “#rh#”…) actually write anything to the console, and none of the others do anything (not even simple writeLog(“text without any variables”)).

Am I doing something wrong?

I fixed the problem with writeLog - it logs by default to level “info”, while the level setting for application logs in the server admin was set to “error”. I’d found that sooner if I could’ve logged into the admin console (LDEV-1994)

Still, there seems to be a problem with writeDump, only the first one works, after that, nothing gets dumped to the console until I restart the server.