So I’m running a lucee server on aws. I typically develop locally, ftp, test on server, use git to commit code, so in the event I hit retardation I can recover… I’m basically 1999 using git.

Can any of you help me by explaining a modern workflow and how to do this with lucee?

I use vs studio code. It works with git.

I know I should prob be using docker, but it seems incredibly hard to wrangle.

How do you all handle code, maintenance, deploy, scale workflow with lucee? Is there a best practice? Or is everyone else just doing the same kind of thing?

Start by checking out git flow

I have used s number of continuous integration servers such as jenkins and travis but I also like deploybot as you can just have that deploy your code.

We have started doing all of our development using commandbox and Docker (actually Docker compose as we can script whole environments instead of just webserver)

With Docker you can just have a server with Docker installed and you can then redeploy your latest container but I might just do a blog post at about that.

Mark Drew

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