Windows Authetication - C++ .dll

Hi everyone. I am still learning with all of this but I have been tasked with migrating a few applications from Coldfusion9 to Lucee. Working in x64 Windows Server 2008 R2.

Our users log into the web application (intranet) using their Windows domain username/passwords. The way that we had it working in Coldfusion is to have a C++ tag userdb.dll which took in the action, domain, and un/pw that the user entered on the login page.

I know Lucee doesn’t support C++ tags, or the cfNTauthenticate tag. Does anyone have any pointers or useful sites that could help as I am feeling like my hands are a bit tied? Thanks!

It seems there is a hidden option to enable this in the administrator

Hi Zac, that option is stuck in beta, as far as I believe. Additionally, it does not work on 64-bit systems regardless.

ok, can you file a bug in jira?

In IIS if you set windows authentication, in Lucee if you dump CGI you
should see windows username in remote_user

Then you can use CFLDAP to get windows user membership; and you can also
get AD groups

Thanks Webonix, that was the prod I needed to get going. I successfully got a CFLDAP connection.

Hi, how to extract groups?
Like it is done with <cfntauthenticate listgroups="true"

OK. I found. in attributes specify only “givenName, memberOf”.
When useing “*” - all atributest. It display few of groups.