Why doesn't Lucee bundle the latest version of PostgreSQL JDBCDriver?

Hi :slight_smile:
Had to manually replace the driver to support authorization type 10.
I’ve been using lucee for a year now. Is there a reason why the new drivers are not bundled?
I have replaced lucee-express- lucee-server/bundles/org.postgresql.jdbc42-9.4.1212.jar with postgresql-42.3.1.jar to support PostgresDB 14.1 (latest) .

Thank you.

5.3.9 already does bundle 42.2.20, RC1 is coming out this week.

we can update that to the latest bundle too

oh… I forgot to check the snapshot version. thank you.

latest also bundles that was the latest stable version of https://download.lucee.org/.
I just downloaded and confirmed that the jdbc driver is updated. has a recent release date (09/25/2021),so I couldn’t resist asking. I’ll be careful from now on :slight_smile: