Who is Speaking at CFCamp 2019 Part 6

In our last blogs we introduced you to 20 of the speakers at CFCamp 2019. Let’s meet the final 4 exciting speakers. We’re so excited for all of these speakers at one of the coolest web developer conferences this year!

Maciej Treder
Senior Software Development Engineer at Akamai Technologies. Author of articles about JavaScript, NodeJS, and Angular. Founder of @ng-toolkit opensource project - set of tools for expanding existing Angular applications (https://github.com/maciejtreder/ng-toolkit). Enthusiast of web technologies especially Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps, microservices, and Internet of Things. Certified Java Programmer (OCJA & OCJP in Java 7 SE).
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/maciej-treder.html

Dom Watson
Dominic trained as a Musical Theatre actor before embarking on a career in London’s Westend. Fortunately, this folly was cut short by an overtaking love of all things programming that led to a decisive career change building web applications.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/dom-watson.html

Brad Wood
Brad has been programming ColdFusion for 12 years and has used every version of CF since 4.5. He first fell in love with ColdFusion as a way to easily connect a database to his website for dynamic pages. He enjoys configuring and performance tuning high-availability Windows and Linux ColdFusion environments as well as SQL Server.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/brad-wood.html

Sebastian Zartner
Former Firebug developer, volunteer Mozilla contributor, CSS and JavaScript expert, participating in the discussions around their standardization, CF programmer since ColdFusion MX.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/sebastian-zartner.html

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