Who is Speaking at CFCamp 2019 Part 2

In our last blog we introduced you to 4 of the speakers at CFCamp 2019. Let’s meet the next 4 exciting speakers. Look for more exciting speaker information in upcoming blogs about CFCamp, one of the coolest web developers conferences this year!

Jen Doherty
Jen is the internationalisation coordinator for Cupid Media, an international online dating company. Jen manages a team of 20 freelance localisers and coordinates the translation duties of 7 bilingual customer service staff. She is also Cupid Media’s Scrum Master, working with a diverse team of developers and designers called the Thundercats. Jen’s team mainly works with CFML, Java, Javascript and Kotlin. To her perpetual embarrassment, Jen is monolingual.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/jen-doherty.html

Mark Drew
Mark has been programming CFML since 1996, and even though he has had forays into Perl, ASP, and PHP he is still loving every line of code he has crafted with CFML. His career has concentrated on eCommerce, Content Management and Application Scalability for various well known brands in the UK market such as Jaeger, Hackett, Hobbs, Dyson, B&W, Diesel amongst others.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/mark-drew.html

Rob Dudley
Rob is a software developer, CTO, company co-founder, and has spent his professional life growing applications beyond their initial designs often with limited resources and budget. Based in Jersey in the Channel Islands he is a keen tinkerer, a bad DJ, and a self confessed coffee snob who loves nothing more than sharing knowledge with others across a range of topics.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/rob-dudley.html

Seb Duggan
I built my first website in 1994, and started getting paid for developing for the web soon afterwards. I discovered CFML in 1998, and have never looked back… Over the years, I have variously worked for Future Publishing, AutoTrader, and a 10-year spell as a freelancer. I am now a lead developer at Pixl8. When I’m not working, most of my time is spent looking after a houseful of rescue dogs, taking photographs, or playing cricket.
Read more: https://www.cfcamp.org/speakers/seb-duggan.html

Want to know what to expect from CFCamp 2019?
Check out the videos from CFCamp 2019 via https://www.cfcamp.org/videos.html and get an idea of what to expect from this year. We’re very excited to meet you there.