What environment do "most" devs use?


I’m doing early planning on rebuilding our web server. This time around, I would like to use whatever platform the “most” Lucee developers are using.

We’re on Windows now; however, I suspect most devs are on Linux. I would like to confirm this. Also, if Linux, which distribution?

Now that SQL Server (including Express) is available for Linux, switching over is a lot more plausible than the last time around.



Docker :whale:

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I primarily deploy Lucee on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS currently.

I’ve been running mostly Windows so far, but now migrating everything to CentOS. Switching workstations to Fedora.

I run windows at some locations and Gentoo at others. Depends on what that client uses most and their experience level.

We use Ubuntu for almost all of our Lucee servers and all of our dev VMs.

Thanks everyone. Sounds like Lucee on Ubuntu should be well tested. Maybe via Docker, it’s about time I find an excuse to use that…