What core functionality move to an extension

What of the current core functionality should we move to an extension? Planned is form tags and the Ajax stuff.

Current list of extensions is available on GitHub.

Anything that represents a UI element, for example:

  • charting extension; cfchart, cfchartdata, cfchartseries
  • display management tags; cfdiv, cflayout, cflayoutarea, cfmap, cfmapitem, cfmediaplayer, cfmenu, cfmenuitem, cfmessagebox, cfpod, cfprogressbar, cftooltip, cfwindow

display management tags

From memory, we choose not to support display management tags at all. However, it might be an area where we cherry pick one or two to showcase how extensions are built and at the same time add a bit of additional ACF compatibility.

charting extension

A lot of work could go into a decent charting package that vastly exceeds the existing CFCHART. Perhaps we could leverage some of the HighCharts work that Gert did year’s ago. Or possibly there is a community group that might want to tackle this.

Again it might be another great “example extension” that offers a simple non-java based option for extending the core engine.

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Might be worth considering updating some of the existing extensions before we look at externalising less popular features as extensions.

A good example would be how to manage extension updates to database drivers. Perhaps we could enlist the community to help keep all the drivers up to date if we had a more detailed mechanism for doing this.

For example, we should have options to keep Postresql, mySQL, etc drivers up to date with the latest stable releases from each driver community. At this point I’m not even sure how we’d go about updating say the mySQL Driver in Lucee 5 given i need to somehow update the OSGI implementation as opposed to just dropping in the latest .jar file.


SOAP webservices support (possibly different extensions to handle Axis1 vs Axis2 vs CXF vs JAXWS)

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I think we need to consider the grouping of extensions also (as previously mentioned in other threads).

They need to be grouped and tagged, and versioned.

I’d also like to see multiple version support also allowing two versions of the same plugin to run on different web contexts (obviously this would be toggled on and off at server level and off by default)… the latest version would be the ‘default’ unless a ‘version’ was selected in the web admin.

My list:

  • ORM - a lot of people don’t use it.
  • CFMAIL/CFExchange/CFIMAP/CFPOP - Been wanting this out of core for over 5 years
  • CFGRAPH- I think most devs use client side charting now anyway, send it data and config from cf. this would allow for various libraries to have their own extension, perhaps have a charts ‘starter’ extension for consistancy.
  • Display management tags: agree with @modius