Weird time display after Lucee update

3 days ago we upgraded to the latest version and we are experiencing this weird issue.
In MySQL we have a time field with a value ‘10:00:00’ (10AM) field type set as ‘time’
If we do a query that contains that field it returns this:

{ts '1970-01-01 11:00:00'}

We tested with other values and it’s always an hour different to the actual value stored in the db ie:

'16:00:00'  displayed as {ts '1970-01-01 17:00:00'}

Any suggestions what might be causing this ?

Windows 2012 R2 datacenter with Lucee


Hi @akos,

I’ve checked with time field, but I getting output as expected without an hour delay. Inserted value like 16:00:00 and I get output as {ts '1970-01-01 16:00:00'} . I don’t how did you reproduce the issue. Can you please update your timeZone & Mysql JDBC version.

Note: I’m running Lucee version

Database (Name/Version): MySQL 5.5.16
Driver (Name/Version): MySQL Connector Java mysql-connector-java-8.0.9-rc ( Revision: 740a66923ca31f71558f3e1559a237e59353d32e ) (JDBC 4.2)

hi @cfmitrah thanks for you reply, I changed the timezone to UK it was on a default something else but no luck so far. I haven’t updated the Mysql jdbc driver is it this one here ?

I cannot see a windows server os version on there

Hi @akos,

Login to admin and Go to Extension–>Application here you see the mysql jdbc driver & update or downgrade the version there. And check still issue exist or not.

hi @cfmitrah, well well well it was to do with the jdbc driver, I upgraded it to the latest one, restarted server and it all works correctly.
Thank you for your help.