Websockets in Lucee


If you want to submit a pull request of those changes to make it compatible
with Lucee, that would be great. I can get a clean build out for everybody.



What’s the most recent update on this issue? Are there any recent
developments on this issue? I need to implement websockets on Lucee,
ideally in a distributed environment, but I’ll take a single-server
implementation to start with. I ran into this repo, but I couldn’t figure
out how to implement a receive message callback:


Maybe raise a ticket in that GitHub repository?

Mark Drew


I use web sockets from Lucee to send updates from LogBox to a NodeJS relay
using a WebSocketAppender.


FYI, I created an enhancement request in the Lucee issue tracker for this:


Please vote for it!


Is there any production-ready solution to get websockets running on Lucee 5?


Yes, we are using websockets in our CMS and custom projects with Lucee.

We built a custom Java Websockets library – if you are interested, just contact me and I can get you in touch with our developers.

Works very well with many parallel threads, we spent a lot of time on load tests with JMeter.



I just published the Lucee WebSocket Extension as a BETA release.

Please watch for details. I am a bit short on time ATM, so so I made this video in 1-take (no time
for editing).

Links are in the video description.

I will try to add more information when I have more time.


Igal Sapir
Lucee Core Developer


Good video


Great job Igal, thank you for putting this together!


FYI, I spent quite a bit of time with the extension that @Igal wrote. It’s
definitely worth a look, but be aware that it’s not as simple as enabling
the extension. To get a robust websocket solution, you would need to write
some sort of module that takes advantage of the low-level access to
websockets that become available through the extension. Also, the extension
is experimental at this point, and it doesn’t work with any stable
releases, afaik.

I was able to built what I think is a fairly complete wrapper for the
extension that allows your app to manage multiple endpoints and connections
within each endpoint. I would be happy to share my code with anyone who is


JP, can you put your work on ForgeBox so anyone else can grab it and




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Hi JP1

I would be very interested, but I am having problems just trying to install the websockets extension:

Hi Igal

I am using Lucee

I have downloaded the extension via the link you provided with your YouTube video.
When I try and upload in Lucee Server Admin -> Extensions -> Applications, using the browse field, I get an error, saying that only ‘zip’ files can be uploaded.

I also see there is now an extension called ‘Server Socket’ which is not in beta.
Is this extension the same thing? If so, I could install it normally, presumably.
But, it does not look the same???

Also the link you provided for the sample application, does not work. My browser just times out.

Thanks for any help you can provide me!

This was a message I wrote to Igal, but have yet received no response. Maybe, you could help me with these issues, if you have successfully installed the extension?

Please e-mail me if this easier for you: cdesign@btinternet.com





I don’t think I’ve seen that message?

The extension can now be installed via the admin, but it requires a newer version of Lucee. Please see minimum requirements at https://github.com/isapir/lucee-websocket