Websocket connection between 2 lucee servers?

Is it possible to have 2 lucee servers connected to each other via websockets?
I would like to send a message from one to the other as realtime as possible without simply polling with rest.
Can you point me in right direction?

There are two options that I can think of. There is a Lucee extension that you can get from the beta provider http://download.lucee.org/?type=extabc which is a websocket client for your server. I believe if you installed both the Lucee websocket server extension on one server and the websocket client extension on the other server you should be able to accomplish what you desire.

The other option is using an extension I wrote that is still being tested and considered Beta as well. This requires you to do a bit more work because you will need to have a Redis server running as well but the Redis server can exist on either pre existing server. I have linked to the post I made on how to use it which contains the download link as well.