Web Admin Missing

Hi All!

After a long hiatus, I am helping some customers with ColdFusion again. We are moving them from Adobe CF to Lucee and I am running Lucee for the first time.

I have it up and running and using my code, but the web admin does not appear to want to load. when I hit /context/admin/web.cfm I get an error about missing includes.

My setup basically included downloading tomcat 9, downloading the lucee war and dropping it in to tomcat.

Is there another step to enable the web admin?

Thanks all!

Hey Sim!
Welcome back!

The easier way to do all things with lucee and CFML nowadays is using https://commandbox.ortusbooks.com/

But to answer your question you should be going to http://localhost/lucee/admin.cfm and then choosing web or server



Hey Mark! Thanks!

Its been fun. One of our clients has quite a few apps that needed to be moved as part of a server restructuring. Most of them went onto a share server but these applications were marked as needing to run on their own. So we decided to give lucee a try.

Is commandbox suitable for doing installations in a production environment? Or just for local development?

In the link above /lucee/admin.cfm does that inply that the context-root is lucee? Or that should be appended to the context root?


Hi Sim, CommandBox is suitable for both local dev and production. It’s not your typical “one big server to rule them all”, but instead a lightweight CLI that can spin up servers of any CF engine (adobe, Lucee, etc) , in whatever web roots you want, as many as you like. If you’re interested in this, you can hit me up over on CFML Slack or check out a preso on it: