VirtualMin Lucee 404 errors on .cfm pages for some sites on same server

I have two sites that work just fine, but when I add a new site, html files work just fine, but any cfm page gives me the wonderful

HTTP Status 404 – Not Found

Type Status Report

Message Not found

Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

I don’t understand how it can work for two sites but won’t work for another two???

Hi @brickpicker,

Welcome to the Lucee forums. We will need some background before we can help you.

Can you tell us how you installed Lucee and if you have any other software on this site that you’re trying to use Lucee with now? In general, Lucee works excellently with Virtualmin. I’m guessing there’s just some config that you’re needing on it.

That should give us some direction on how to help.

Again, welcome to the Lucee forums.

Hi Jordan
How do you set up virtual servers on VirtualMin and get them to read lucee

Hi Vicman, be welcome!!! Before we can help, you’ll need to describe a little bit about your setup. It really can be a lot of things that can lead to a 404 Page, such as Handler Setups, App redirections, URLRewrites and more. To tacle down your issue, you’ll need to describe a little bit more about your setup. How did you install Lucee? What OS do you have? What Servlet Container Engine are you using? Tomcat? Is Tomcat the front end web server? Or are you using Apache in front of Tomcat? Apache on Windows or is it IIS?

Hi Andreas. Thank you for the reply. Actually I got it all working. I have everything set up fine. Thank you. Vic

Glad you got it working. =)

Hi Vic,

i have same issues with Lucee and Virtualmin. The Login is working, but i can not use lucee with the custom domains. mod_cfml is running. Any ideas.



@Vuish Can you describe what’s happening exactly?

Same issue here, ‘Lucee Error (missinginclude)’ when I navigate to for example where demo.cfm is a file that exists within the virtual server’s webroot.

As I understand, Lucee should automatically pickup on different Virtualmin virtual servers at runtime.

It’s an EC2 instance with VirtualMin installed and Lucee installed atop it.

And please note that ‘/lucee/admin’ web/server does work!

do you have mod_cfml installed?

Lucee doesn’t handle that out of the box, you need mod_cfml to handle different virtual hosts, or you can manually add them to the tomcat config

My fix was to give Lucee the run as root command!

sudo /opt/lucee/sys/ root /opt/lucee/ lucee nobackup

I restarted the box and hey presto, a hello world!