Using TLS instead of SSL in CFLDAP

Is there a way to get CFLDAP to use TLS instead of SSL for
secure connections? I am trying to connect to an LDAP server that does not
support SSL v2. I don’t see usetls as a parameter available in CFLDAP in
Lucee. Is there a workaround?

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I was looking for a way to use the StartTLS in the CFLDAP tag as well or a work around. Is there any chance this feature will make it into Lucee? As most LDAP servers are requiring TLS 1.2 now.


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TLS Support in CFLDAP would be a welcome addition. In our case, all ADs are requiring TLS.

Please file a bug in Jira!

i just updated the docs to list to secure options

should be easy enough to add tls

Thanks Zac,

I’ve submitted a Jira ticket.