Using Lucee to retrieve and parse FlexLM Licensing Data?

There are a few big players on the market that will connect to a licensing server and parse it’s log files but those solutions are very expensive. I’m just curious if anyone has attempted to replicate that process and if so, would you consider sharing your code so I don’t have to recreate the wheel. Or, is anyone interested in pursuing this development with me? I’m not looking to build something to market it (though its not out of the question, it would be a hard market to get into though as the existing players are pretty well established). I’m just looking to maybe build something that my company can use, and save a few thousand bucks.

The solution we are using requires that you install an agent on the server which is how I assume the application creates the hooks into the log files. Essentially that’s all these products do is parse log files. I would be able to install my this web application on the same server as the licensing server so I’d have direct access to the log file.

My thinking is to import the log files into a database and query the database and display reports. Easy peasy, right? :smiley: (this is waaaaaay over simplifying this but this is the core)

Just thought I’d share to see if there was any interest. It’s definitely a one-off project.