Using cfabort without logging to lucee-server/context/logs/application.log


With Lucee, any cfabort calls cause a log entry to be written to lucee-server/context/logs/application.log, eg.

"ERROR","ajp-nio-8009-exec-6","12/11/2019","12:21:20","","controller;Page request is aborted;lucee.runtime.exp.Abort: Page request is aborted"

We use cfabort in various places to terminate the request on specific conditions but we don’t consider those error or exception conditions so don’t want to log the abort.

Is there any way of preventing the abort log entry being written? Or is there another way of easily terminating the request without triggering an abort?


You could use CFEXIT

Might be related to this bug which has apparently been fixed in the current Release Candidate.

Yes! That’s it. Had I actually checked the line numbers, I would have spotted that - sorry!

OK, I’ll keep an eye on that fix-version and apply when it’s released.

Thank you.