Upgrade to Lucee 6 from within Lucee 5 admin?

Is it really as simple as clicking that “Execute” button in the Lucee 5 ( admin?

Or are there other things I’ll need to do on the server (Windows Server) to make it work?

Apologies to the gods of Lucee if I’m mistrusting something could be so simple. And if so, BRAVO!!

This is a non-production server, just FYI


I haven’t tried it yet, but the answer to your question is ‘probably’. Lucee 6 should follow the same upgrade path so it shouldn’t be an issue.

My suggestion would be to spin up a Lucee 5 server in CommandBox from any old empty directory and try the upgrade on that server.

Please report back any findings.


— Denny

Thanks for the tip! Not only could I update to Lucee 6, I could re-downgrade to Lucee!