Upgrade from to latest Stable

Been reading a few issues with the process of upgrading, seems simple enough, but wondered if there is an idiot guide to this as lucee admin says I need to upgrade manually, whereas previous patches and before that Railo, was all done at the press of a button.

I’m on Linux EC2 AMI 64 bit

Many thanks

Sorry if this is an obvious question to ask again, but I can only find instructions from 4.5 to latest stable.
Is there an idiot guide to the server update, the server admin wont allow me to upgrade via the web interface.

Since it is that old, I would look at just setting up a new test server/vm with the latest version. You can then test the site and make the switch.

I do think there was one version that broke updates and then some versions needed updated jars.

Actually it looks like you just need to replace the lucee.jar file. I assume you are on windows. You can see the Sept. 2016 announcement under blogs. You can probably just get the lucee.jar from downloads. That was the last 5.0.