Update Linux installer

Is there a “official” way to update the Lucee installer installed apps. I have installer updated to the latest 5.2 Lucee. Of course Tomcat 8.5 and Java8 have security updates since then. Will the installer just overwrite the older files or should I rename the /opt/lucee directory and re-install. There are no Server Lucee settings, all are in Web.

Tried it tonight.

  1. Stopped lucee_ctl
  2. mv /opt/lucee /opt/lucee.old
  3. Ran new installer
    I did have to fix the modcfml sharedkey. Found the new one in tomcat server.xml and updated apache modcfml.conf
    I don’t have any Server settings so everything worked fine. Only lost ability to roll back lucee versions.

I did notice the RELEASE-NOTES in tomcat was the old 8.0. At first I thought maybe they went back to 8.0 but then saw 8.5.14 in lucee admin.