Update "cannot load class through its string name" using java settings to load

Update from to
We now get the error

“cannot load class through its string name, because no definition for the class with the specified name [com.notnoop.apns.APNS] could be found caused by (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:com.notnoop.apns.APNS not found by lucee.core [46];java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:com.notnoop.apns.APNS;java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:com.notnoop.apns.APNS;)”

In lucee admin Info / Bundle (jar) we see "com.notnoop.apns (com.notnoop.apns.apns) " 1.0.0.beta6 as loaded.

We load the jars in application.cfc:

	THIS.javaSettings = {
		loadPaths = ["/global/lib/pushservice/"]

to load the jars. /global is a mapping defined in Luce admin “Archives & Resources - Mappings”

We then create the object which throws the error

<cfset LOCAL.pushService = createObject(“java”,“com.notnoop.apns.APNS”)
.newService() .withCert(VARIABLES.appleCertificatePath,VARIABLES.appleCertificatePassword)

running on:
Apache Tomcat/9.0.16
1.8.0_121 (Oracle Corporation) 64bit
Windows Server 2012 R2 (6.3) 64bit