Unable to Access Simple Test Site

I’ve got a test Windows Server 2019 box running IIS, Tomcat 9.x, and OpenJDK 14.0.1 (and BonCode and mod_cfml). I’m trying to get Lucee up and rolling without using the installer, and I seem to be missing some key ingredient.

I think I’ve got most things installed/configured, based on the directions on the Lucee documentation site, but for some reason, when I try to navigate to a simple test site, I get a 404. And in the response, it lists the wrong Physical Path.

These all work when browsing from the server:

But if I try this one, it fails:

I’ve got the simple .CFM files residing within “E:\MyAppFolder\SimpleApp”. And my Default Web Site within IIS sits in “E:\MyAppFolder\DefaultWebSite”. But the Physical Path from my failed trial comes back stating it can’t find anything within “E:\MyAppFolder\DefaultWebSite\SimpleApp” (which isn’t the real path)

I’ve tried adjusting server.xml and web.xml within Tomcat, but nothing I do seems to make this work. I feel like I’m overlooking something simple…

Any thoughts as to what I’m missing, why my physical path is weird, or where I can go to snag more intel that will help trigger the needed brain cells?


Hi @ rfbennet

Welcome to our community!!! If I understand this right, in my opinion that has to do with IIS only, not tomcat/lucee. Do I understand that right, you have a physical folder structure like this?

           + DefaultWebSite\
           |     | 
           |     + somefile1.html
           |     |
           |     + somefile2.html
           + SimpleApp\
                 + somefile1.html
                 + somefile2.html

Not sure, but I think you have to add a virtual directory to your “DefaultWebSite” in the IIS Manager then. To do this in the IIS Manager right click on the “DefaultWebSite” and "add “virtual directory”, add “simpleapp” as virtual directory name and point it to “E:\MyAppFolder\SimpleApp”. Hope this helps.

Another question: Do you have mapped your simpleapp correctly in Lucee? Can you access your SimpleApp-Files by accessing it through port 8888?

Andreas, thanks for helping jog my brain!

For those that stumble across this post in the future… Check your Bindings within IIS (no need for a virtual directory in this scenario). I had just slapped in a quick-and-dirty site to do my testing, and my binding wasn’t quite up to snuff (thus, “DefaultWebSite” was picking up the requests). Once I quick stuck it on another available port, I was able to access my test CFM app (localhost:9999/).

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