Trying to track down error

I am trying to track down an error that didn’t happen on a windows box running coldfusion but is now happening on a unix running lucee.

The error is

Lucee Error (expression)
Message 	key [GETCOLORS] doesn't exist in the request scope
Stacktrace 	The Error Occurred in
/home/mysite/public_html/customtags/setimages.cfm: line 13

    12: <!---- SALE -------------------->
    13: <cfif len(Request.GetColors.SaleImage)>

Because unix / linux is case sensitive your Application.cfc or Application.cfm file must start with an uppercase A with the rest lowercase. The error is saying that the request variable is not defined so I am guessing you define it in your Application.cfc/cfm file.

My ,cfm does start with cap Applicaton.cfm.

Can you provide the code that sets GetColors into the request scope?