Tomcat/Lucee 5 application isolation and minimum memory requirements

I am considering setting up another server and trying Lucee 5. It would be
a Windows server with IIS (employer requirement - no linux/no apache/no

I want to set up multiple Tomcat instances and have multiple Lucee
instances in order to create application isolation like ACF Enterprise
does. I have found documentation on each piece of setting it up but before
I test it I want to know what the minimum memory requires for each
Tomcat/Lucee instance would be. I can’t seem to find that anywhere and I
want to know what my memory requirements are going to be before I set up
the test environment. My intent is to set up a couple dozen small
Tomcat/Lucee instances for applications I want to isolate plus a much
larger Tomcat/Lucee instance that would run all the other applications that
I don’t need isolated.

Anyone here have any idea what the minimum memory requirements are?

I understand that the live applications will require more memory than just
a simple .cfm page that’s says “I’m here” and I will adjust for that later.
I just need some minimums to determine where I am going to host the test
box so I don’t set it all up and find out I don’t have enough resources to
complete it.


Probably not the best way to analyze it, but my windows server
2012-IIS-tomcat-Lucee 5 show 550mb in task manager.

Keep in mind this is a new site running that isn’t live with traffic yet.

Hopefully Jordan or someone who runs a hosting company chimes in and can
give you an accurate answer:)

Seems like generally speaking you should treat each site/instance like they
are on their own separate server.
3GB ram per site would be nice, but I’m sure 1.5 to 2GB would run an
average site with traffic nicely.