Timeout did not seem to be honored


My ubuntu 18.04 box has Lucee5.2 docker image installed and loaded and I’ve set up request timeout to 500 and enabled URL for timeout parameter for both web and server and also updated the Performance tab, however, about 2 minutes into the page load with timeout parameter and of value 500, the page died. Fyi, this cf/lucee page calls quite a lot of a test api endpoint functions (yeah and they have to be called in the same session).
Is there something else I need to configure? Or?



Guess what I’m going to ask next?

Yes, the page died. Ok, previously, I put timeout 400 seconds ( at the admin page ), just now, I put 6 minutes 40 seconds. Still, the page died. Hmm, I forgot, I could try cfsetting for timeout.

I meant error messages, logs, stacktraces, CPU or ram usage… all the standard clues when diagnosing why something isn’t working

Resolved, thanks tho.

Can you share your solution?

Break the process into two though initially it seems to have to be one.
Because initially it’s on a virtual machine for testing and development
but in production environment it would be different, which not only allows breaking them up but actually would be norm.