The name [findLast] is already used by a built in Function - Lucee upgrade

I am getting closer to reactivate my lucee apps. I use cfwheels as a framework.
After upgrading to Lucee get this error:
Maybe I or cfwheels can’t use the functon name findLast after Lucee upgrade anymore?
How to solve this?

Lucee Error (template)
Message The name [findLast] is already used by a built in Function
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
D:\websites\\wheels\model\read.cfm: line 396

394: * @property [see:findFirst].
395: */
396: public any function findLast(string property) {
397: arguments.$sort = “DESC”;
398: return findFirst(argumentCollection=arguments);
called from \wheels\model\functions.cfm: line 13
called from wheels\Model.cfc: line 2
called from \wheels\Model.cfc: line 1
called from \models\Model.cfc: line 7
called from \models\Domain.cfc: line 1

It’s on win server 2008 R2
Java 1.8.0_162

First result on Google

If updating from CFWheels 2.0.x:

  • replace your wheels folder from the one in the download, and
  • outside the wheels folder, ensure you’ve got a file at events/onabort.cfm and create it if needed.
  • rename any instances of findLast () to findLastOne() (this has been changed due to Lucee 5.3 having a new inbuilt function called findLast() which clashes with the wheels internals)